‘Having never worked with a stylist before and when reading about Jenna (& seeing her style), I was at first wary of her personal style choices being very opposite to mine; however these doubts were soon soothed as we chatted about what it was I wanted from the sessions and how we would achieve that.

Jenna is a lovely person with a very open mind and a warm personality. She is a very encouraging and willing to learn and try new ideas kinda gal. Upon hearing about my op shop habits, Jenna was super eager to suggest that instead of ‘proper store’ shopping we could perhaps hit up a few op shops and try our luck! I agreed with no hesitation.

When we met for the second session, a wardrobe look through Jenna comment and exclaimed at nearly everything; asking where I got it and ‘wow look at this pattern’. Besides being a beautiful and encouraging stylist/person she was also very quick to pick up my insecurities and was supportive of working with me to help me gain my confidence.

The shopping stage was really, really wonderful. She picked out a lot of clothing I would normally never touch, but just said “give it a go!” and I did! Although most of what we found wasn’t right/didn’t fit, Jenna was never pushing me to buy anything I didn’t feel comfortable in. She waited for my opinion before giving her own but also gave an honest opinion when I was unsure. Which I really needed.

She also gave me a great deal of ideas to up-cycle a few pieces of already owned clothing. Which I did, and now wear regularly, whereas before they sat in bags.

Overall I would highly recommend Jenna to everyone. She works hard to give honest and full answers to any questions and isn’t afraid to stay honest when you need her to be so. I found my sessions very fulfilling and just what I needed to get some new life in my style!’


My wardrobe and styling session with Jenna has been a really valuable exercise! I was really worried at the start about the process of having someone ‘super stylish’ going through my disorganised, messy wardrobe and also potentially not understanding ‘my style’ or simply having to buy a whole new set of clothes. 

I was really happy with Jenna understanding my views of not wanting to buy for the sake of buying but also taking into consideration that I was interested in sustainable and ethical clothing. My worst fear was of advertising and images I have seen of other styling services with a ‘happy customer’ surrounded by hundreds of bags!!
What impressed me most was how considerate and thoughtful Jenna was with her suggestions – she clearly did a lot of research into the criteria I set and also gave me useful tools I could use – and didn’t necessarily force her sense of style on me.
Since our sessions, I’ve been able to incorporate all three items I purchased with my existing wardrobe to make it stretch and work for me without having to replace the items I already had – it has definitely helped me see my existing clothes in a new light and not waste what I already have!”
– Savindi


“I first came across Jenna when I saw her advert looking for people to work with and thought I would get in touch. I put out a plea to help a mum returning to work with her wardrobe and she quickly responded and made a time to meet with me. Initially, I was worried that Jenna and I might not have a lot in common or that she might not understand what I needed, but her warm and professional approach quickly put me at ease as she explained the program and her approach to making anyone feel confident in their clothing.

Over the next several weeks, Jenna dealt with my poorly lit home, a screaming toddler, a perplexed partner and an indifferent tweenager to assist me to examine my wardrobe and work out what was working and what was not. Her advice was always kind, but honest, which I very much appreciated. During this session, I realised that I had spent a lot of money purchasing the same items over and over again and often bought clothing without thinking about how they would work with my current wardrobe. Jenna helped me to cull back to basics, wrote me a list of what I should be looking for to tie it all together and planned our shopping trip accordingly. When we did hit the shops, Jenna was organised, enthusiastic and kept me on track when I wanted to wander down the path of least resistance and start purchasing a whole bunch of black cardigans again. She respected my views as a vegan who wouldn’t purchase leather and looked for alternatives.

Over our next two sessions Jenna helped me fit my new purchases into my existing wardrobe and showed me different ways of wearing items. She pulled together clothing I would never have thought of wearing together, taught me the phrase “sock detail” and introduced me to the world of belts over jackets. When she returned for the final session, Jenna helped me sort my wardrobe so I can easily see where everything is and did another mini cull of items I had been holding onto for sentimental reasons (she recognised at the start that I wasn’t ready to let go of them, but by the end of our time together I could).

Jenna is a delightful human with a supportive and positive approach. She is super organised, does her research and is flexible to meet the needs of her client. After spending time with Jenna I have become more confident in my clothing and this has had a positive effect on the rest of my life. I admire Jenna’s drive and ambition along with her ethics of supporting sustainable fashion and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone seeking a wardrobe and confidence boost.”

-Karen (Kaz)


“Jenna is a very kind and patient person who is passionate about what she does. What first drew me to Jenna, and what makes her unique is her choice to use and source ethical, sustainably made clothing, This is of huge importance to me but I was unsure of where to start. Jenna was extremely helpful guiding to ethically made brands and did very thorough research on each brand.
For the second session, she came and looked through my clothes, After our first session talking about my style, she was able to guide through deciding what to keep and what to give away! Jenna was the right amount of kind but firm, helping me to make difficult decisions. It felt so refreshing to let go of old clothes and make room for the new!

Going shopping was my favourite part. It was so amazing to have someone that not only knows your style and what new clothes you want but also has seen your entire wardrobe! I would often pick up a piece of clothing with the age-old question, “what would I wear this with?” and Jenna, having seen my wardrobe, would be able to suggest potential outfits.

I had never worked with a stylist before and it was an amazing process to go through. I would highly recommend Jenna to anyone and everyone! it is an amazing, positively transformative process!”



“Jenna was my first experience with a stylist and would highly recommend her for anyone undecided about the indulgence factor of the whole thing – she was down to earth, considered, and genuinely interested in delivering what I wanted. I told her that I was only interested in sustainable clothing and that is exactly what I got. The first and most interesting step was to look at my current wardrobe and make some interesting combinations and cull anything that I wasn’t wearing. She also set me some challenges pieces in my wardrobe – if I didn’t wear them by the time we next met, it meant that they should go… The most sustainable wardrobe is the one you already own.

During the shopping trip for a few pieces that were genuinely missing from my wardrobe, we shopped at second-hand clothing stores and stores where ethical manufacturing if the focus. Really enjoyed the experience and she helped me find a few pieces that I wouldn’t have picked out on my own. Jenna wasn’t pushy and respected my opinions. Finally, we met to integrate these pieces into my wardrobe and it was great to have her eye on a few new looks.

Overall, Jenna was excellent and I really appreciated her commitment to sustainable clothing choices. I wish her the best for her career and know that she will go far.”



Theodore Cafe ‘Swap + Infomation Session’ -Jan 2020

“Jenna (The Ironic Minimalist) hosted and facilitated a Clothing Swap and Information session for Theodore’s as a part of our Sustainable Summer Workshop series to raise funds for charity. From the event’s conception through to the execution Jenna offered incredible insight into how best to maximise the use of the opportunity and imparted her expert knowledge into the occasion. I would highly recommend Jenna’s services and skillsets.”

Rosie + Stephen – Febourary Personal Style Client

“Thanks for the session, I hoped to find a sustainability-oriented stylist to make sure our fashion adventures aligned with our general values and you were amazing with that. Gentle and convincing without being forceful. “

Gabi – Whitehart Bar ‘Undressing The Fashion Industry’
How To Style Sustainable Fashion Workshop + Panel Chat

“It was an absolute delight having Jenna (The Ironic Minimalist) at our sustainable fashion event – Undressing the Fashion Industry.
Not only was her passion and insight a valuable addition to the day, but working alongside Jenna in the lead up to the event was effortless and helpful.”