I’ve always been interested in fashion
It’s a love that has grown over many years…. you could say it’s a passion

Now, I want to show people how they can discover their love for fashion. Whether it be developing a capsule wardrobe, learning how to shop for your own style or just creating calm from that overflowing wardrobe (or floordrobe)

But I’m not your traditional stylist…. I have a (another) passion, to show people the amazing world of ethical and sustainable fashion.
I want to teach people how to find treasures in any opshop, to style a second-hand garment just like it came off the runway, to create a personalised capsule wardrobe full of clothes that fit perfectly. I can teach you about ethical labels that use organic cotton and create stunning garments

Let me show you how to create your individual style, save money and have a mindful wardrobe