Ahhh, the white oversized shirt. If I could have only one item in my wardrobe, this would be it. Oh, and a jacket, it gets cold here!

This little baby was found in the men’s section at Vinnies in Collingwood. One of my favourite op shop haunts. – I always found something there. Sadly I now live too far away to go regularly, but luckily I now live near MORE op shops! #addicted

Made from a crisp, but soft cotton with a french cuff. The ways that I can wear this shirt is only limited by my imagination. Some ideas include: backwards, cuffs rolled up, off the shoulder, around the bust, under a dress, as a jacket, with a corset and even as pants (see this post by Bea Johnson, who wears one shirt 50 ways – including as pants!)

Usually, I style shirts like I have in these photos – half tucked in, sleeves long. It’s my favourite way. On my to try list are looks like this, I especially love the layered look for winter.

One of the biggest downfalls of a shirt like this is an obvious one – the sleeves. Being so long, they constantly get in the way and flap about. The easiest way is to roll them up, but doing so takes away from the great oversized look! I love this genius idea by Anna Quan – the sleeve cuffs can be detached when needed. Like if you were eating some soup and needed to keep those cuffs clean – ta-da!

Is a white shirt something that is on constant rotation in your wardrobe? Maybe yours is a slimmer fit or has different cuffs? Or maybe a white shirt is something that you wear every day for work and it’s not something for casual, weekend wear?
I’m interested to know if you love a white shirt as much as me!

Thrifted White Shirt
Thrifted Blue Jeans
Thrifted Gold Earrings
Thrifted Brown Shoes

Photos: Reannon Smith Photography 

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