It’s another vintage baby from Hawkeye Vintage! You didn’t think I would stop at trying just one, did you??

Known as the Louis Vuitton St Jacques Bag and discontinued in 2007. This Epi Leather bag adds a touch of casualness to the outfit and has plenty of room for my Keepcup and water bottle (always with the reuseables). In fact I rather like the texture of the bag and the longer handles. Could a bag like this be my forever bag?



Investing in a well-made bag is something we all dream of; finding the perfect bag that will be with us for many years to come. Instead, we are bombarded with insta photos of influencers proudly showcasing their massive designer bag collections and it gives us a bad case of FOMO. While I don’t condone these people for wanting a large collection, I personally believe we need to slow down and focus on quality over quantity.
When we keep it simple and find that one bag that speaks to us, we recognise that by shopping vintage we know that the style is a little bit more unique and individual to us. It also gives us a chance to learn the story behind the bag; who held it before us? When was it made? Perhaps that story is as unique and individual as the bag you hold. Plus, you get the chance to say, “oh this old thing, it’s vintage”


So how do you find that one off vintage bag just right for you? First, do a little research. Look at different brands and the styles that speak to you. Don’t get obsessed with one style, keep an open mind and be practical. Find a bag that suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Once you have done a little research, pop down to one of the Hawkeye vintage pop-ups and have a browse. You never know, your perfect bag could be laying in wait and maybe even Danielle and her team can tell you a bit about its history.

Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Auckland – Don’t miss out


As for me? I haven’t found my ideal vintage luxury bag yet. The LV and the Chanel came close, but I know there is something more for me out there.

Also, is it bad to mix LV and Chanel? Have I broken some sort of ‘never mix designers’ styling rule?
Oh well.

– Op shopped Jacket, Top and Shoes
– Stylists own Jeans
– Styled by Jenna (Ironic Minimalist)
– Bag and Scarf on loan from Hawkeye Vintage

– Reannon Smith Photography

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