Waste Not, Want Not

Since we have all been affected by the “Kondo Decluttering Bug” we all have mountains of stuff that no longer sparks joy!

But what do we do with all those unwanted pieces of clothing? They are still too good to throw away, and there is no time/don’t have enough items for a market stall. We can donate them!

There are numerous organisations that can take your unwanted items (but don’t donate stuff that can’t be resold, it usually goes to landfill). Both Vinnies and Salvo’s are great, but one stand out is the Ecoture, Waste not, Want not Kick Start Drive. The idea behind the program is that pre-loved clothing and accessories can be donated to them and they will ensure they find a good home. Two of the not-for-profit companies they are partnered with are Wear for Success and St Kilda Gatehouse.

Wear for Success provides professional clothing and work skills training to the unemployed to help support them on their career journey. St Kilda Gatehouse is an organisation that works alongside those involved in street base sex work and helps to counsel them through any tough issues. Both of these organisations routinely need clothing and other items (full lists can be found on both links) to help provide the ongoing help to people in need.

Ecoture will also reward you with Ecoture loop points, which can be redeemed for future discounts and savings, on every donation. To donate some pre-loved clothing of your own (please ensure it is clean, in good condition and can still be worn) head over to Ecoture for details

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*Post in conjunction with Ecoture – Waste Not, Want Not Drive*

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