I discovered these amazing illustrations by Melbourne artist Rebecca Flattley and needed to share them all with you!

“Art and Illustration is something I have always just done, since I was very little and knew how to hold a pencil I haven’t stopped drawing. Through the years I’ve developed multiple styles which has lead me to the line work illustrations I do now mixed with digital colouring, I will occasionally draw realistic portraits however they can be very time-consuming.”

“My ideas for my line work illustrations come from the world and people around me and are commonly mistaken as a reflection of myself. I draw based on trends in lifestyle and women’s fashion. My colour scheme is influenced by print media and style trends. The colours are bold yet subdued to give off an aesthetically warm and feminine vibe. I like to leave my work open for interpretation for females but with the overall core message of empowerment and confidence.”

-Rebecca on her designs and ideas

All her designs are available here and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram

All images taken from Rebecca’s facebook page with her permission

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