As January comes to a close I feel that I should do a little wrap of my month. I hope you all enjoy reading and if you do, please leave me a comment I appreciate the <3.

In January I find that everyone is still settling into the year and enjoying the sunshine. For me, I enjoyed the days off where I concentrated on my blog as I have come to realise that this blog is something that I really want to strengthen this year. Ideally, I would love to work part time and dedicate more time to creating content and focusing on the stylist course that I will begin in February.

I also focused on cleaning up the clutter inside my house. I gave my wardrobe a cull (post to come), decluttered the lounge room and shall hopefully have a market stall in February to get rid of it all! Jenny Mustard and Rachel Aust are two YouTubers that I am really loving. They both focus on Minimalism and give great tips if you are looking to start a minimal lifestyle. Another great document is Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.

I also started to record my clothing purchases. I’m doing this to stop over-spending and help myself to create a better wardrobe full of pieces that I will actually wear more than once. To make sure that I keep the wardrobe clear, I rotate the hangers to face away from me and then once I’ve worn the item I put it back in with the hanger facing the right way. this means that I can see at a glance what items I haven’t worn much.

As for my New Year Goals (post here), I’ve kept up to date with most of them:

* Post more content/more often – I have backlogged a fair bit of content to post up soon and have a heap of new ideas for content this year. So excited to share them with you all!

* Shop smarter – This year I have cleaned out my wardrobe and purchased items in better fabrics such as silks and linens. I have also had to purchase clothing for work (but I have kept to my wardrobe standards!)

*Eat healthier/Exercise more – I am still working on creating an exercise schedule for myself. I have found that my work schedule doesn’t leave me with much time to exercise, I am either starting work at 6.45 am and finishing at 4 pm or starting at 11 am and finishing at 8 pm! With my morning shifts, I am so tired that exercise is the last thing on my mind. But I am working on creating the time to be healthier.

*Network more/Make opportunities happen – I do have some exciting opportunities for networking coming up, Keep an eye on my Instagram for them!

*Be more productive – I have stopped the endless scrolling! yay!

*No retail job for Christmas 2017 – I have been searching for open positions but nothing has been a success so far. But I am really enjoying my current job.

Overall, I’ve made a lot of positive changes for the month of January. Hopefully, February will bring a whole lot more!


25 thoughts on “J A N U A R Y

    1. omg yes! I watched it twice and then made my boyfriend watch it with me! Now I want to watch it again. I also discovered their podcast and listened to a few, so good!

  1. glad you have been sticking to your 2017 goals. Where are you doing your stylist course? Mine is in Fitzroy, we should meet up for coffee during break or even if it’s over the weekend 🙂

  2. I’m lucky that being a student and working freelance work I have extra time to commit to creating blog content and I find I love doing it so much – the dream is to be supported by it so I get to do it full time. Also totally feel and love that you’re decluttering. I’m slowly doing this starting with my wardrobe. I find I struggle to let go of clothes because I continually convince myself I’ll wear them sometime soon- I find I just have to keep going back through it every few weeks so slowly get rid of everything.

    Amy // http://www.thenoiseinwonderland.com

    1. I am so jelly right now. To have a bit more free time would be fab! Blogging as a full time job would be my ultimate career goal too.
      If you ever need help decluttering, call me! I can motivate you! (a house de-clutter-er person would be my other dream job! haha!

    1. I wish decluttering people’s house could be my job role! I’d be like “do you really need this out of date frozen pack of sausage rolls???!!!” haha!
      I’m glad you liked the post!

    1. It feels so good to clean up your wardrobe! styling is easier, and you may even find something you forgot about! It would be my dream career to clean people’s wardrobes :p

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