Deliciously Matcha x Ironic Minimalist

I’m constantly drinking green tea, especially as I blog as I find it calms me and enables me to focus. So when I heard that Matcha, had a higher level of antioxidants than regular green tea I was keen to try!
Read all about Matcha’s health benefits here, perfect for that “new year, new me” resolution 

Luckily, Deliciously Matcha sent me a sample of their Culinary Matcha Green Tea.
Deliciously Matcha sources their Matcha from Uji in Japan, located near Kyoto the birthplace of Japanese Green tea.
They have two grades of Matcha, Culinary Matcha Green Tea (which has a robust flavour suited for cooking) and Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea (which produces a delicate flavour and is used for drinking).

I decided to try one of Deliciously Matcha’s recipes for something a little different.
Matcha Muesli Bars are a no bake, sugar-free treat, that are surprisingly sweet and highly addictive (I could have eaten the entire batch in one sitting!)

Next, I am keen to try the Chia Pudding!

*Sample sent by Deliciously Matcha, but all opinions are my own*
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