Good Green Box

Two years ago I decided to go cruelty-free with all my cosmetics and skincare. It was an amazing move that made me feel happier knowing that I was making a difference, even if it was small!

Ever since then I have been researching brands that are cruelty-free and unfortunately, they are not as common as one would assume (although this is slowly changing).

When I stumbled upon the Good Green Box subscription service I knew I had to give it a try. Every month a box full of beauty, skincare, haircare and nailcare samples (and one or two full sized). The products are carefully chosen to ensure they are either natural, organic, vegan or cruelty-free.

I received the January box which contained 5 samples and 2 full sized products.

Karen Murrell Lipstick in Carnation Mist
All natural ingredients in a beautiful natural pink colour that glides on smoothly. I love this colour, it’s a natural pink which gives me just a hint of colour.

Pure Deo Co. Natural Deodorant
This is my favourite, the organic coconut oil/shea butter formula moisturises and bicarb soda neutralises odour. 

Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover Wipes
These are another favourite. The wipes remove everything and don’t leave that horrible feeling like an acetone based remover does. The only thing that could make these better, would be if the wipes were bio-degradable 

The Divine Company Certified Organic Gradual Tan Natural Bronzer
I haven’t tried this one yet but I am keen to. The bronzer sample promises to deliver a beautiful bronze glow while moisturising skin with Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter.

Be Genki Body Oils
This one is a beautiful hydrating oil that sinks right into my skin and is 100% organic.

Baimeni Sweet Australian Almond Oil Cleanser
I have never tried an oil based cleanser, so I am interested in trying this one! The oil contains vitamin A, B and E to help keep the skin supple and plump.

All the products are of generous sample sizes and if you love them you can purchase them (usually with a sneaky discount code!)

I will soon be receiving my second Good Green Box, so keep an eye on my Instagram to see what’s inside!
And if you follow Good Green Box on facebook, you may see a sneaky code to get your first box for $10!


For the past 2 years I have been focusing on re-organising my style and creating a quality wardrobe full of pieces that I enjoy wearing and will wear often. In 2015/2016 I gained some pieces that will remain staples in my wardrobe (Leather Jacket, Gucci slides, Silk Dresses).

These staples can be worn over and over again, reworked with other items and still look good.

My wardrobe essentials include:

* Leather jacket
*Black Cardigan
*Skinny Black Jeans
*Black Pants
*Black, White and Grey Tee
*Black Skirt
*Black and White Shirt
*Quality Boots
*Quality Heels
*Casual Dress/Formal Dress
*Flat shoes such as slides/sneakers
*Accessories such as belts and hats

Building a staple wardrobe for yourself all depends on your personal style. I prefer blacks, whites and grey as a basis for my wardrobe, although I do like to add a touch of seasonal colours such as blush and fatigue.

As you can see from the top image, my wardrobe is getting a bit full. So in the coming weeks I shall be getting all “Konmari” on it!

Deliciously Matcha x Ironic Minimalist

I’m constantly drinking green tea, especially as I blog as I find it calms me and enables me to focus. So when I heard that Matcha, had a higher level of antioxidants than regular green tea I was keen to try!
Read all about Matcha’s health benefits here, perfect for that “new year, new me” resolution 

Luckily, Deliciously Matcha sent me a sample of their Culinary Matcha Green Tea.
Deliciously Matcha sources their Matcha from Uji in Japan, located near Kyoto the birthplace of Japanese Green tea.
They have two grades of Matcha, Culinary Matcha Green Tea (which has a robust flavour suited for cooking) and Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea (which produces a delicate flavour and is used for drinking).

I decided to try one of Deliciously Matcha’s recipes for something a little different.
Matcha Muesli Bars are a no bake, sugar-free treat, that are surprisingly sweet and highly addictive (I could have eaten the entire batch in one sitting!)

Next, I am keen to try the Chia Pudding!

*Sample sent by Deliciously Matcha, but all opinions are my own*
*Supported by Shopping links*



Resolutions can be seen as a “dirty word”, associated with failed and broken promises to one’s self. So this year I’ve decided to set some goals for myself and not be disappointed in myself if I don’t accomplish them with a set time limit. After all, we should celebrate every moment in our lives, whether it be a huge achievement such as completing a uni course or getting that dream job or a small success such as keeping a plant alive for more than a week or not eating so much chocolate!


* Post more content/more often – Keep an eye on my Insta and my Blog, I’ve got lots planned for 2017

* Shop smarter – Stop buying into every trend I like, make sure it fits correctly, buy more quality fabrics/styles, buy second hand, investment pieces, DONT SUCCUMB TO SALES!

*Eat healthier/Exercise more – I’m pretty sure this one gets broken year after year, but now I have declared it – it’s time to follow through

*Network more/Make opportunities happen – I’m known to be quite shy, but this year I’m determined to create bigger and better opportunities for myself

*Be more productive – The endless scrolling on Facebook when I could be catching up on my magazines, cleaning or preparing blog posts, set a time limit and then get back to my tasks

*No retail job for Christmas 2017 – As much as I love my current job, My goal for a long time has been to land a fashion marketing/trend forecasting/social media/content creation/administration type position – 2017 has to be the year


I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas and New Year, celebrating with family and friends





MRP Men’s Tee | eBay Pleated Pants | Nakedvice neck scarf, bag and belt | Jeffrey Campbell Mules | Rayban Sunglasses

Photos by Reannon Smith