HOMA the label x Ironic Minimalist

Anyone who knows me knows that I love marble! It’s the background wallpaper on my phone, my laptop and iPad, so when HOMA the label contacted me asking if I would like one of their beautiful marble creations, I jumped at the chance!

HOMA the label is a small, Melbourne based business run by Cassandra and her team. They create beautiful marble inspired accessories, which are unique in their patterned design, so each one is as individual as you! Their current design, the mrbl necklace, features a lovely marble tube on a delicate silver chain. These beautiful creations are the perfect gift for friends and family.

In fact, HOMA has been lovely enough to let me share this little discount code with you all! Just enter IRONICMINIMALIST15 in the checkout to score 15% off one of these unique marble creations.

You can also follow Homa on insta and facebook to get your marble fix







All photos taken and edited by me

*necklace gifted by HOMA the label*

2 thoughts on “HOMA the label x Ironic Minimalist

  1. I bought one! A necklace so simple yet classy and elegant was impossible to resist. And I wouldn’t have known without this lovely blog post. Thank you!

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