Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore

It’s been a little over a week since Julian and I arrived back home from our first overseas holiday together, and I miss Malaysia and Singapore so much! It was an amazing holiday full of shopping (of course!), exploring, eating, getting lost and stepping out of our comfort zones.

Our first stop was Kuala Lumpur, we stayed in a hotel which was about a 10-minute walk to the Suria KLCC Shopping Center and Petronas Twin Towers. The first day was a day of searching for breakfast as we landed early. Later that day we walked to a local shopping centre and nearly got lost, thanks to the backstreet way that Google Maps took us! Day two was more shopping and exploring in the city centre. The area around the Petronas twin towers is full of gardens and a swimming area which was popular with families. I spent all my money at Gucci. Hello Princetown slippers!

We also visited the Batu caves, where we climbed 200+ steps and nearly got killed by falling rocks!

Next stop was Penang!








Ah Penang, I can still taste the street food and still feel that heat on my skin. I seriously loved George Town in Penang, such an easy going place with little streets full of colourful buildings and hidden temples of worship.

For me, Penang was my favourite place out of the entire holiday. It felt very safe and the people were lovely. One regret that I do have is that I never got a chance to learn any Malay or more about their customs and religions.

Our hotel, Le Dream Boutique, was amazing! I would recommend it for anyone looking to stay in Penang. Their customer service was so friendly and they addressed us by name. There was Skybar which featured free drinks during their happy hour, a movie was shown after 8pm every night and two spas all with a beautiful view of Geroge Town.

The streets of George Town where filled with quirky street art that we found when exploring. We also visited a cute 3D coffee art cafe, and a 3D trick art museum, both of which were unexpected finds in George Town. More shopping was also done, and lots of street food was consumed.

The animal lover in me could not resist attempting to feed or pet every single animal we came near (apart from the monkeys at the Botanical Gardens, they scared me!) I succeeded in befriending a cute little kitty who I called Kitty. We noticed him whilst eating at the street restaurant one night, I of course had to attempt to pat him, he then hissed at me. But I then proceeded to share my dinner with him and we become firm friends. If only I could have brung him home.















Our final stop was Singapore, where we stayed at the Hilton on Orchard Road. Orchard road was filled with so many shopping centres that I didn’t even know where to start! Once we had settled in we begun to explore. The MRT was extremely easy to navigate and we could get from A to B in a matter of minutes, it definitely rivals the Melbourne train system!

That night we visited Chinatown and grabbed some dinner in a local outdoor eating hall. The next day we visited Haji Lane and stumbled across the cutest ever cat cafe! I could have seriously stayed there all day! Then back to Orchard road for some more shopping. As it was our last night in Singapore and of our holiday we ventured to Marina Bay to ride the Singapore Flyer and take in the sights. On our final day, we explored more of Orchard road (it’s so long!) and then headed for the airport for our late night flight back home.



Wearing: Nique Slip Dress | Nakedvice Scope Backpack | Birkenstock Slides | Rayban Sunglasses
(basically my outfit during the entire trip, so hot!)











I cannot wait to travel more next year. Japan and Europe are at the top of our bucket list.

Feel free to comment below, especially if you have any travel recommendations


(all photo’s by Julian)


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